There are several advantages to upgrading to SMARTci continuous insulation (CI) systems. Learn what they are and how they can benefit you in your commercial construction projects for the short term and long term.

1. It’s The Ultimate in Temperature Control

Even when architects and engineers use popular methods for continuous insulation in commercial construction; there can still be many downsides. As helpful as continuous insulation is in complying with the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) standards in place, if metal is used in its implementation, you’re losing out on energy efficiency. When exterior components of a building are connected to the interior using metal, it creates a thermal bridge. This allows for cold and hot spots because thermal energy can enter and escape through the building envelope.

SMARTci systems use hand-selected materials that eliminate the thermal bridge, keeping your building envelope performance at a maximum. The results include dramatic savings in cooling and heating costs for a structure, which is a considerable advantage to upgrading to SMARTci systems.

2. SMARTci is Proven and Cost-Effective

Contractors and architects are looking for the materials that will allow them to build an incredible structure in the most cost-effective way possible. When choosing materials, quality matters– but installation time should also be heavily considered. When selecting the perfect material for a commercial construction project, you don’t have to choose one or the other: SMARTci goes above the industry standard in terms of material quality, exceeds code requirements, and is incredibly fast and simple to install.

SMARTci’s composite metal hybrid (CMH) GreenGirt sub-framing will be one of the most efficient installations on your job site and is designed for simple, intuitive field fabrication. GreenGirt allows for installation to go up to four times faster than standard systems. This will save you time and money, yet give you all the necessary quality with our proven and tested continuous insulation systems.

3. Be Sustainable and Build Toward the Future 

In the world of commercial construction, the responsibility to be as sustainable as possible is greater than ever. So when you’re choosing the continual insulation solution for your projects and clients, you can have excellent quality, low cost, and sustainability if you choose SMARTci.

SMARTci GreenGirt is the first composite metal hybrid (CMH) z-girt sub-framing component to earn the highly sought-after Declare label. For a building product to qualify, it must be free of Red List chemicals and meet all ethical sourcing requirements of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). SMARTci passed with flying colors.

Sustainability also has its financial rewards to good stewards. For example, SMARTci is a fully recyclable building life product that helps get LEED and other certifications (which can mean tax breaks and other financial benefits for the builder).

Top-Tier Building Envelope Performance

When you upgrade to SMARTci, you’re not just getting cost-effective, sustainable, and high-quality continuous insulation, but you’re also ensuring maximum quality for your building envelope performance.

These benefits are only the beginning. Learn more.We’d love to discuss your project and see how we can help.

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