Several factors can save or cost contractors on a job. Learn what you can do within your building envelope and with the SMARTci systems to cut costs while delivering the high quality of work your client expects from you.

1. Using the Latest in Materials

As with many architects and contractors, you’re trying to balance your projects. You want to get the builds done with the highest quality possible, but you (and your clients) also want the builds done as quickly as possible. In the fast-paced “get it done yesterday” world of commercial construction, it can be challenging to find the time to research newer, more efficient building materials. With the pressures of delivering quality at scale, one of the easiest lulls to fall into is to just “copy-paste” your tried-and-true materials from one job to the next.

The challenge is that you can easily miss out on cost-effective innovations and advancements in building materials.

SMARTci continuous insulation (CI) systems are one of the innovations that have saved our clients an inordinate amount of money because of how effectively SMARTci is engineered and the many benefits that come along with its use (in-depth details below).

Additionally, the savings are also passed on to your clients. SMARTci systems eliminate thermal bridging, and with its innovative design, can save millions of dollars in heating and cooling costs (depending on the location of the building and its size). Cost recovery can be in as little as two years with the correct application and usage.

2. Efficient Builds Save Money

Efficiency is one of the most crucial things on a commercial construction job site. Delays have a ripple effect, and a single glaring inefficiency can derail a project’s timeline drastically.

SMARTci installs faster than more standard and traditional continual insulation. GreenGirt was developed so that its insulation retention cleat gets rid of expensive and time-consuming methods of through-fastening. In fact, installation is so efficient and results in such easy field fabrication that clients have reported installs up to four times faster than your standard CI systems.

3. Building Green Saves Money

SMARTci is the gold standard when it comes to sustainability in continuous insulation.

As we all know, the US government offers all sorts of rebates, tax credits, and other attractive incentives to those commercial builders who commit to building green. There is an incentive database curated by the United States Department of Energy, known as DSIRE, which lists the various benefits offered by the government.

SMARTci is a sustainable product through and through and will help you in acquiring your LEED certification. Our GreenGirt system uses naturally sourced, and recycled materials and is the first in its class to receive a Declare Label.

When you build with SMARTci, you’re walking down the path to saving money by building green.

SMARTci Systems Can Cut Costs on a Job

Here at SMARTci, we know what it takes to complete a commercial construction job efficiently and successfully. Not only are our materials sustainable and faster to install, but we also have an incredible team of engineers who are at the peak of sustainability and efficiency, which can help you try to save more money with your project.

Our products were designed by installers for installers. Learn more today.

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