Best PracticesA2P1024: 3 Ways to Save You Time on the Jobsite

September 7, 2021

In the world of commercial construction, we all want to avoid unnecessary delays. However, no one wants to fall victim to the stigma of running behind on a job. There are many methods — high level and granular– to save you time on the job site. In this article, we’re going to visit some of the most important and sweeping methods that typically make the most significant impact when it comes to saving time.

1. Commit to Communication and Planning 

This may sound basic, but lack of communication and planning is arguably the number one place that projects fall behind schedule. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that everyone on the engineering, architectural, and general contractor team is always on the same page (figuratively and literally) at all times.

It should be explicitly decided the methods of communication that are expected, as well as the frequency and what information is expected. If lines of communication are established and followed, surprises will be minimal, and potential pitfalls can be identified early and often. When everyone is communicating clearly and regularly, planning is efficient and ongoing, saving time at every turn.

2. Prioritize Tasks and Plan for Delays

It’s imperative that you prioritize the aspects of the build that you know will take the longest and have the most significant potential for delays. Get these things started early, and check in on them often. Sometimes the best way to save time on the job site is sheer prioritization of things like shop drawings, long material leads, and permits (among other things).

It’s a terrible fact of life, but no matter how much you plan and communicate, delays are going to occur, and you’re going to need to pivot and shift strategies. When you’re crafting your construction schedule, if it’s at all possible, build in a cushion where you can (especially on things that are commonly delayed). This way, you’re not working on a schedule with no margin for error.

3. Choose the Right Materials

One of the most effective and immediately beneficial methods for saving time on the job site is choosing high-quality materials that are quicker and easier to install.

For a continuous insulation system, nothing beats SMARTci in terms of quality and efficiency of installation. Our patented GreenGirt sub-framing is made of a composite metal hybrid (CMH) z-shaped girt. Its design provides a thermal break, as well as a mounting platform for cladding applications. This creates an insulated building envelope like no other.

Efficiency is one of the most crucial things on a commercial construction job site. Delays have a ripple effect, and a single glaring inefficiency can derail a project’s timeline drastically. With that in mind, know that SMARTci installation is far faster than traditional continual insulation. It’s the standard in simple field fabrication and installs up to four times faster than other CI systems.

An incredible way to save time on the job site is to use SMARTci and install your continual insulation up to four times as fast as you would be able to otherwise.

Building Material Costs That Make Sense

We understand that you’re trying to complete all your builds with excellence and on schedule. However, this can be increasingly challenging when things outside of your control cause you delays.

With building material costs more unpredictable than ever, use SMARTci for reliable and affordable materials that will save you time on every job site.

Installers designed our products for installers to save time and cut costs on the job site. Learn more today. Speak with a SMARTci Specialist today or request a quote.

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