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January 4, 2021

Advanced Architectural Products (A2P) the original creator of GreenGirt®,has released a new, next generation product. This new product is called the GreenGirt Adjustable. The original GreenGirt® product is a patented composite metal hybrid (CMH) simple Z-girt system.

GreenGirt® is utilized in A2P’s SMARTci continuous insulation systems to provide a best practice solution to energy efficiency. The new GreenGirt Adjustable system makes the complex simple.

GreenGirt Delta Adjustable

A2P understands the need for versatile materials in architectural design. SMARTci GreenGirt systems and attachments are designed for frequent changes in continuous insulation and exterior design. A2P’s systems, along with the GreenGirt Adjustable, meet the demands for today’s budget and building constraints. These demands include easy installation and energy efficiency standards.

The GreenGirt® Adjustable offers a customizable solution for wall and plane deviations across new and retrofit construction projects. An overall best practice solution for structural misalignment. This misalignment can vary from a small fraction of an inch to larger out of plumb issues. Available with 36 segmented options, GreenGirt Adjustable CMH Brackets are available in 3” to 6” depths. They provide the largest range of adjustability from .25” to 4.5” outboard to meet the unique needs of every project.

Simultaneous Bracket Installation

The one-piece continuous insulation design allows for simultaneous bracket installations. Resulting in a significant impact on efficiency in project timelines and reducing labor expenses. The GreenGirt® Adjustable adjusts from the bracket out to the cladding plane with the largest range of true adjustability. Unlike any other solution, the adjustable system allows for easier and faster installation at the project site.

GreenGirt Adjustable

 “Every project has its own unique set of issues. Sub-framing systems must be able to adapt to these issues in order to meet today’s building challenges. The current demands of today’s energy codes and design requirements create constructibility dilemmas that must be overcome.

The GreenGirt Adjustable composite metal hybrid (CMH) products allow the flexibility to meet those demands. This is accomplished with a best practice energy efficient cladding support system.” – Matt Krause, CEO and President, Advanced Architectural Products.

Eliminates Thermal Bridging

Using structural CMH components, the GreenGirt Adjustable system eliminates thermal bridging from metal framing and through-fasteners. By doing so, the system provides an industry leading thermal efficiency design and a uniform drainage plane. This is a revolutionary solution for structural misalignment. This misalignment may vary from a small fraction of an inch to larger out of plumb issues whether vertical or horizontal.

Contact an A2P Representative for more information about the GreenGirt Adjustable system or any other SMARTci systems.


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