The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) was put in place many years ago to ensure that buildings in the United States had minimum construction and design requirements for energy efficiency.

The IECC didn’t prescribe exactly how these standards needed to be met, which paved the way for innovation. Since then, innovative companies have strived to meet the guidelines set forth by the IECC and surpass them and seek a better future through sustainability.

Over the years, we’ve seen numerous cladding attachment systems emerge to attempt to comply with these new energy efficiency standards– one of which was continuous insulation. The introduction of CI was one of the most simple and effective ways for builders to comply with the IECC standards.

And while the advent of continuous insulation was an incredible boon for architects and contractors, it created challenges for the plastering industry. As CI technology continued to advance, it was found that the application of conventional ASTM standards of Plastering (C-926) and Lathing (C-1063) was not optimal. The newer continuous insulation systems were taxing the lathing and accessories far beyond their original specifications (as can be seen in ASTM C-1063). In addition, there were no clear, available solutions because there were no clear requirements that were prescriptive to engineer toward. So, manufacturers were all forced to do their best and invent their own methods to handle continuous insulation stucco systems.

However, those days are long gone, and SMARTci is a certified and verified continuous insulation solution possessing industry-leading stucco application compatibility.

SMARTci and Stucco Application

Our SMARTci systems work perfectly with stucco applications, and our clients get incredible results quickly and easily.

One such client was the Vital Climbing Gym located in the thriving community of Brooklyn, New York. We had a unique challenge with the application of SMARTci and stucco as the Vital Climbing Gym had been zoned as historic. And while there’s something moving about seeing a historic building renovated, it can also be a challenge to meet stringent requirements.

The building was originally built in 1910, and it was being gutted and renovated. A structure this old takes great care and diligence to keep in excellent condition, and the owner’s goal in the renovation was to use every square foot possible.

Our SMARTci system met all of the necessary requirements. With the application of our continuous insulation systems and stucco, we were able to preserve a piece of history and keep the building’s story alive. Furthermore, we avoided the waste of an entire solid structure.

By using our one-of-a-kind SMARTci system for this stucco and rainscreen cladding application, we were able to ensure the design achieved maximum thermal efficiency. In the end, the view of the Manhattan Skyline from the rooftop could still see the Empire State Building in all of its majesty. A feat that was only made possible by using ingenuity, a commitment to sustainability, and SMARTci.

Master Your Stucco Application with SMARTci

We mitigate risk with our extensive team of engineers who review and customize each project, and your stucco application is no exception.

Our team will equip you with the knowledge and specifications you need to correctly apply stucco to our SMARTci continuous insulation systems.

Additionally, we have robust documentation in our technical library. In addition to detailed overview documents and graphical renderings for visuals, we’ll also provide you with the following:

  • Installation guides
  • SDS & LEED information
  • System specifications
  • In-depth details of applying stucco (horizontal and vertical) to SMARTci

Let us show you how the stucco application you’re looking for can work simply and easily with SMARTci.

Learn more today. Speak with our team of SMARTci Specialists and get a quote.

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