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August 3, 2021

SMARTci is the gold standard in sustainability benefits for your building projects. Using our innovative systems, we can help you achieve the sustainability certifications you need. Let us show you how. Read more about the benefits of SMARTci systems.

The Importance of Sustainability 

As a society, sustainability has become a genuine focus as we look toward the future. The importance of the long-term impact that we have on the planet is a serious responsibility in all industries– primarily commercial building. As architects, contractors, and builders, we must understand the gravity of the fact that what we build and how we build it has a long-term effect. Therefore, the responsibility is more significant than ever to strive toward improving sustainability in any way that we can.

This can be achieved only by a commitment to seek new guidelines and regulations focused on environmental health at their core. As technology evolves, we have a clearer picture of the commercial building industry’s true impact on the planet– and with that clearer picture comes greater responsibility. The more we know about our buildings’ effects on the environment– both negatively and positively– our guidelines and regulations need to evolve to consider those effects.

To see where you stand in terms of sustainability, take a closer look at the organizations that monitor and champion the cause. Your buildings should strive to obtain the following certifications and declarations:

How can you possibly achieve all those decorations and certifications? Start with SMARTci. 

Not only are our continuous insulation (CI) systems an incredible help at getting green building certifications, but we also help by providing guidance and a checklist that helps determine if the building materials they’re using meet the environmentally healthy regulations and building standards.

SMARTci: the Gold Standard of Sustainable Building Material

Our SMARTci continuous insulation is proud to have been awarded a Declare Label from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) for our GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) sub-framing. GreenGirt is the first in the industry to obtain a Declare label, proving our commitment to transparency in the landscape of continuous insulation.

To achieve such an honor, a building product must either declare or be free of any Red List chemicals that have proven to be harmful. Additionally, they must meet all of the stringent Appropriate Sourcing Imperatives that have been determined by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI).

We’re proud to report that GreenGirt didn’t need any changes to a single material component or its formulation in any way– it was awarded its Declare label as is. You won’t find another product on the market with the same level of proven, certified sustainability.

The Sustainability Benefits of SMARTci Systems

When we created SMARTci, we did it with one passion that drove our work, and that was to make the most energy-efficient buildings possible as we move into the future.

Using a complete and simple SMARTci continuous insulation system will launch you lightyears ahead of other systems in terms of sustainability.

Contact us with any questions or to speak with a SMARTci Specialist now. Learn more today.


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