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July 20, 2021

As a contractor or architect, you understand why the building envelope is one of the most crucial aspects of an energy-efficient design. Not only does an adequately devised and constructed building envelope reduce costs and the consumption of energy, but it also allows for better control over the temperatures within the various spaces of the building. This makes the occupants more comfortable and puts the building administrator in a better place of control. Thermally efficient building envelopes also reduce the carbon footprint of a building drastically by facilitating lower energy consumption, lowering the long-term power costs, and drastically increasing the comfort level of a building.

So, how can you ensure that your building envelope is thermally efficient?

Indeed, the best answer is SMARTci.

How SMARTci Brings Energy Efficiency

Here at SMARTci, our core mission is to make buildings more energy-efficient. Our systems are designed from the ground up to eliminate the thermal gaps that occur in many other systems. We bring the industry standard in energy-efficient buildings with our GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) sub-framing and accompanying insulation system.

Using GreenGirt CMH sub-framing instead of steel, you’re choosing a superior material both thermally and structurally and eliminating the thermal bridging that occurs when using metal girts and through-fasteners. Additionally, when you select SMARTci, you get better loading capabilities of a Z-girt of equivalent depth. You won’t have to worry about moisture, electrochemical reactions, or corrosion of any kind.

We offer GreenGirt in many depths:

  • 2“
  • 3“
  • 4“
  • 5“
  • 6“
  • 8“
Understanding GreenGirt

GreenGirt is our patented composite metal hybrid (CMH) z-shaped girt that is the core of our SMARTci continuous insulation systems. It provides the absolute top of the line in energy efficiency for buildings by providing a mounting platform and thermal break for cladding applications. The design is universal and flexible, able to work with any cladding, insulation, or substrate. Using SMARTci and GreenGirt will give you the best practice industry-standard building envelope without question.

GreenGirt creates the perfect system of continuous insulation that eliminates all of the issues that occur when metal connects the exterior and interior components of a building. SMARTci was engineered as a simple, complete solution that eliminates thermal bridges, removes vulnerabilities for cold spots, and prevents moisture problems.

Additionally, if you’re looking to earn points toward your LEED certification, it’s the absolute best CI building assembly to do so.

When you use SMARTci and GreenGirt, you design smarter buildings, period.

Why You Need the SMARTci System

As contractors and architects, you’re always striving to stay ahead of industry curves. Hence, by positioning yourself as competent industry thought-leaders, give your clients the best end-result possible.

Of course, we share that same philosophy here at SMARTci. In fact, we love partnering with discerning architects and contractors who are looking for the cutting edge in high-performance, sustainable, durable, and resilient building materials that are affordable.

Experience our ground-breaking products and services that provide architects and contractors like you with a variety of benefits.

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