GreenGirt / SMARTci 1 in 1 SystemA2P1040: Unlocking the Power of GreenGirt CMH Sub-Framing to Boost Your Building Performance

March 21, 2023

Architects are constantly faced with the challenge of designing buildings and structures that will look great now but also stand the test of time. One technology proving to be a unique and valuable solution for many commercial projects is innovative GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) sub-framing for SMARTci continuous insulation systems. This hybrid technology combines advanced engineering principles with the structural strength of steel and the thermal efficiency benefits of composite building components. In this article, we will learn more about the ideal solution for reducing overall energy consumption and providing a durable solution for any building project.

Introduction to GreenGirt Composite Metal Hybrid (CMH) Sub-Framing:

GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) sub-framing, an integral component of the SMARTci continuous insulation systems, is a cutting-edge solution for construction projects that focuses on enhanced structural durability but also on the aspects of sustainability and energy efficiency.

As the construction industry evolves, professionals increasingly seek efficient materials that integrate seamlessly into design concepts without compromising quality or strength. GreenGirt CMH and SMARTci systems achieve precisely that, providing a durable and sustainable alternative to traditional continuous insulation materials. Its unique composition includes steel fastener retention plates inserted on each flange of a thermally efficient composite Z-profile, delivering a structurally strong yet environmentally conscious option that substantially reduces a building’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, this advanced sub-framing component boasts superior thermal performance, eliminates thermal bridging, reduces energy consumption, and improves overall building efficiency.


Implementing GreenGirt CMH sub-framing and SMARTci systems into your construction projects can yield significant benefits, enhancing the structural integrity of your building and the overall efficiency of the installation process.

SMARTci 1 in 1 System

One of the key advantages of using GreenGirt CMH sub-framing lies in its enhanced durability and resilient performance, which significantly contributes to the longevity of buildings. It utilizes high-quality materials that resist elemental degradation, such as corrosion, wear and tear, and climate-related damage. Additionally, the adaptability of the sub-framing enables architects and engineers to draft dynamic designs, allowing for more creative freedom to achieve aesthetic and functional objectives.

As a result, GreenGirt CMH sub-framing imparts not only considerable structural integrity but also thermal efficiency, reaffirming its position as a preferred choice for professionals in the construction industry.


GreenGirt CMH Sub-Framing

GreenGirt CMH sub-framing offers superior strength and durability with no sacrifice of design. GreenGirt CMH is a unique combination of steel fastener retention inserts and a Z-profile made of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) material, making it an optimal choice where increased stability, load capacity, and thermal efficiency are needed.

GreenGirt CMH sub-framing is available in 1.5″ to 8″ depths and can be installed horizontally or vertically on multiple surfaces, including open framing, sheathed studs, and mass wall applications to accommodate project-specific needs and requirements. Along with its range of depths, GreenGirt CMH is compatible with nearly any insulation and building cladding material. It also features insulation retention splines that help hold insulation in place and provide an air/water/vapor seal when required.

The interlocking steel plates within the GreenGirt CMH profile provide fastener retention surfaces for substrate and universal cladding attachment support. Although steel is included in the design, thermal performance is not compromised. Integrating the steel plates within the FRP Z-profile flanges allows it to create a thermal break without losing structural integrity. By eliminating thermal bridging, the sub-framing also helps to increase building health.

Local 28 Union Hall | SMARTci 1 in 1 System

Using fire-tested building materials is a crucial part of any building design. GreenGirt CMH sub-framing has been rigorously fire safety tested and approved, including NFPA 285 and ASTM E84, helping you create a fire-safe and compliant building design.

Along with fire safety, the installation of building materials plays a significant role in the budget and timeline of projects. Easy-to-install materials minimize labor costs and time spent on installation, allowing projects to stay on or ahead of schedule. Due to its composite Z-profile component, GreenGirt CMH is more lightweight than traditional sub-framing materials, making transportation and installation more efficient and saving time and installation costs. Along with being lightweight, it includes fewer parts and pieces for installation than other CI sub-framing.


Considering the many benefits of GreenGirt CMH and incorporating it into the design of a building, this technology can significantly improve any project’s sustainability, strength, and efficiency. Furthermore, utilizing this sub-framing results in significant long-term benefits, such as reduced energy consumption, a healthier living environment, and structural stability, indicative of its prominent role in modern construction. With it’s innovative sub-framing design, you can rest assured that your structure will be secure and long-lasting.

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