GreenGirt Delta AdjustableA2P1055: How to Install the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable Continuous Insulation System

July 5, 2023

I. Introduction

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on installing the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system. This revolutionary system is an innovative solution that offers an adjustable plane for cladding attachment, catering to out-of-plumb walls or plane deviations, varying insulation thicknesses, and enhancing the overall thermal performance of your building’s exterior.

The GreenGirt Delta Adjustable system is not merely a product; it’s a game-changer in the field of insulation systems. It is designed to optimize energy efficiency, provide superior thermal performance, and ensure a seamless installation process. Its unique adjustable feature allows for precision and ease during installation on out-of-plumb and varying substrates without compromising the integrity of the thermal envelope.

This system holds immense importance in today’s construction industry. With escalating energy costs and increasing awareness about environmental sustainability, the demand for efficient insulation systems has never been greater. The GreenGirt Delta system meets this demand by providing a solution for retrofitting existing buildings or new construction projects that is energy-efficient and contributes to correcting plane deviations.

The benefits of the GreenGirt Delta system extend beyond its energy efficiency. It is engineered with the highest standards to deliver durability, excellent thermal insulation, and adjustability for your building envelope. Moreover, its ease of installation reduces labor time and costs, making it a preferred choice among professionals.

In this article, we aim to provide a detailed, step-by-step guide on properly installing this system. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner in the field of insulation systems, this guide will serve as an invaluable resource. We’ll walk you through each stage of the installation process – from understanding the components of the system, pre-installation requirements, the actual installation process, and post-installation checks.

By following this guide, you will ensure the successful installation of the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system and maximize its benefits for your construction project. Let’s get started!

580 Pleasant Lab Building - GreenGirt Delta Adjustable System

GreenGirt Delta Adjustable System in the process of being installed

II. Understanding the System

Before we dive into the installation process, it’s crucial to understand the components of the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system and their respective functions. This system comprises several vital parts that work together to provide an effective adjustable continuous insulation solution.

Base Brackets:

These come in two profiles – Z-profile with a front flange and L-profile without a front flange. They also come in two types: expansion base brackets and fixed base brackets. Both are utilized within a complete wall system to allow for expansion. These base brackets form the system’s foundation and are designed to be installed vertically according to shop drawings. The base brackets offer adjustability ranging from 0.25″ to 4.25″ for vertical applications, catering to varying insulation systems and plane deviations.

Expansion Base Bracket         Fixed Base Bracket

Expansion Base Bracket                                                 Fixed Base Bracket

All base brackets come equipped with a pre-punched metal insert in the flange installed against the substrate, enhancing structural integrity and ensuring a firm and secure installation without sacrificing thermal performance.

A unique feature of these base brackets is the Dual Grip technology. This state-of-the-art technology is designed to securely hold the clip or L-rail in place while adjusting to the required plane before side-stitching. The result is a firm and robust connection that facilitates the smooth installation of the system and enhances its overall stability and durability. In addition, the Dual Grip technology assists in an efficient story pole installation technique saving labor and time.

Mineral Wool Insulation:

Insulation is the core material that provides thermal resistance and enhances the energy efficiency of the building. It can be held in place on the wall by base brackets, rails, or hat channels, forming a continuous layer of insulation across the building’s exterior.

Mineral Wool Insulation


Available in steel, aluminum, or composite metal hybrid (CMH) materials, L-rails are attached to the base brackets using side-stitch fasteners. Standard L-rails come in 8′ lengths but can be customized to the required lengths. L-rails allow for a quick and easy installation process of base brackets with the story pole technique. L-rails also serve as the secure mounting platform for the cladding application. They should not cross movement joints and must leave a ½” gap at all joints.

CMH L-Rail CMH L-Rail

Steel L-Rail Steel L-Rail

Aluminum L-RailAluminum L-Rail


Clips are 6″ long and have a similar L-profile to an L-rail. They are typically used in place of L-rails for HZ applications. They are also available in steel, aluminum, or CMH.

Hex Head Screws:

These screws are used to secure base brackets to the substrate, providing a stable structure when assembled.

Hex Head Screws

Washered Side-Stitch Fasteners:

These fasteners attach the L-rails to the base brackets. They must be centered in slots on expansion base brackets to allow for expansion.

Each component has a unique role in the system and contributes to providing an adjustable continuous insulation solution. Understanding the functionality of each element is essential to installing the GreenGirt Delta system and maximizing its benefits effectively.

III. Pre-installation Requirements

Before starting the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system installation, preparing adequately is essential. This involves gathering the necessary tools and understanding the safety precautions to ensure a smooth and safe installation.

Tools Required for Installation

Before diving into installing the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system, it’s important to ensure that you have all the necessary tools. These tools are crucial for a seamless and efficient installation process. While we won’t list them individually here, you can find a detailed list of required tools in the installation guide provided with your GreenGirt Delta system package and on our website. Also, reference the installation guide for a list of tools that should not be utilized to install the GreenGirt Delta system. We strongly recommend thoroughly reviewing the installation guide to familiarize yourself with the required tools and their specific uses during the installation.

Safety Precautions and Measures

Safety is paramount during installation. Always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses, gloves, head protection, and sturdy footwear to protect yourself from potential hazards. Handle all materials and tools carefully and maintain a clean, organized work area to prevent accidents. If working at heights, ensure ladders are stable and secured before beginning your work.

Remember, a successful installation depends on how well you understand the system and the process and the careful adherence to safety measures. Always refer to the installation guide for detailed instructions and safety guidelines throughout the installation process.

IV. Step-by-Step Installation Process

Installing the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system requires careful attention to detail and adherence to instructions. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Preparation of the Installation Site:

Start by preparing your installation site. Ensure the area is clean, clear of debris, and ready for installation. This includes checking the substrate for any irregularities that might affect the installation.

Installation of Base Brackets:

Begin the installation with the base brackets. These should be installed vertically per shop drawings and project-specific requirements, using the pre-punched metal insert in the flange closest to the substrate for structural integrity. The shop drawings and sample layout show the placement and order of expansion brackets vs. fixed brackets. Base brackets can be installed using a story pole installation method for a quick and easy way to consistently and evenly place the base brackets against the substrate. Remember to use the Dual Grip technology to hold the clip or L-rail securely.

Placement and Attachment of L-Rails or Clips:

Place the L-rails or clips into the base brackets. Shim and level the L-rail or clips out to the required plane. This adjustment must accommodate varying insulation thicknesses, cladding systems, and building requirements. Remember never to leave an L-rail or clip non-mechanically attached to a base bracket.

Use of Side-Stitch Fasteners:

Use two side-stitch fasteners per every base bracket to secure the L-rails in place, ensuring a firm and robust connection. Side-stitch fasteners should always go from the fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) material and bite into the metal L-rail or clip. The purpose of this is for maximum fastener retention. Side-stitch fasteners should be installed in the center of the pre-punch slots on the expansion base brackets to allow for expansion.

thermal expansion allowance of GreenGirt Delta base bracket
Ensuring Thermal Expansion Accommodation:

Finally, ensure the system can accommodate thermal expansion. This can be done by leaving a ½” gap (or as per drawings) between L-rail joints. For steel rails, three fixed brackets are needed per 10’ rail and the rest must be expansion brackets. For aluminum rails, two fixed brackets are needed per 10’ rail and the rest must be expansion brackets. Steel rails less than 6’ long and aluminum rails less than 4’ long do not need expansion brackets.

GreenGirt Delta Adjustable System L-Rail Joint

Installation of Insulation:

Once the base brackets and L-rails or clips are securely installed, install the mineral wool insulation. Begin by puncturing the insulation with the Dual Grip clips and then tucking it behind the adjacent L-rail or clip. The insulation should form a continuous layer across the installation site, providing thermal resistance and enhancing the energy efficiency of the building.

Remember, the success of your GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system installation lies in following these steps accurately and carefully. Always refer back to the installation guide for detailed instructions and additional pro tips through the installation process.

V. Post Installation Checks

After successfully installing the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system, it’s essential to perform a series of post-installation checks to ensure the system is correctly installed and secured. These checks help identify potential issues impacting the system’s performance.

  1. Checking for Proper Alignment: Begin by checking the alignment of the base brackets and L-rails. The base brackets should be vertically aligned per the shop drawings and sample layout, and the L-rails should be adjusted to the required plane. It is crucial to ensure everything is properly aligned.
  2. Verification of Secure Attachments: Next, verify that all attachments are secure. This includes the attachment of the base brackets, L-rails, and insulation. Check to ensure that all fasteners are secured and that there is no movement or looseness in the attached components.

These post-installation checks are a critical part of the installation process, ensuring that your GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system is correctly installed, efficiently functioning, and ready to provide long-term thermal efficiency for your building. Always refer to the installation guide if you encounter any issues during these checks.

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, the installation process for the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable system is a systematic and detailed procedure that requires preparation, precise execution, and post-installation checks.

Starting with the preparation of the installation site, the process proceeds through the installation of base brackets, placement and attachment of L-rails or clips, adjusting rails to the required plane, using side-stitch fasteners, and ensuring accommodation for thermal expansion. After the installation, post-installation checks are carried out to verify proper alignment and secure attachments.

Properly installing the GreenGirt Delta system is essential in reaping its full benefits. A correctly installed system ensures optimal thermal efficiency, contributing to energy savings and a more sustainable building structure. Additionally, it provides a robust and secure cladding attachment point, enhancing the structural integrity of your building.

Therefore, it’s crucial to follow the outlined steps carefully and refer back to the installation guide throughout the process. By doing so, you can ensure a successful and efficient installation and long-term performance of the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system.

VII. References and Additional Resources

To support you in the installation process of the GreenGirt Delta Adjustable continuous insulation system, we provide a variety of additional resources and tools:

  • Installation Video: We recommend viewing our easy-to-follow installation video for a visual guide to the installation process. This resource provides a step-by-step walk-through of the process, demonstrating each step in detail to ensure you understand how to install the system correctly. The installation video is available here and on our website.
  • eLearning Training Course: To enhance your installation skills further, consider completing our comprehensive eLearning Training Course. This course covers all aspects of the installation process and provides an in-depth understanding of the GreenGirt Delta system. It’s also available here and on our website for your convenience.

Remember, our team is always ready to assist you. If you have any further questions about the GreenGirt Delta system or its installation process, please contact us. We’re committed to ensuring you have all the information and support you need for a successful installation.


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