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Advanced Architectural Products is proud to announce the GreenGirt® Composite Metal Hybrid (CMH™) has completed the process of obtaining
a Declare Label and is Red List Free. GreenGirt CMH is the first insulated composite sub-framing component to earn a Declare Label,
placing the SMARTci™ System at the forefront of the 100% transparency movement within the continuous insulation (CI) arena.
Declare Label | GreenGirt CMH

Declare Label

To qualify for a Declare Label a building product must either be free of any harmful Red List chemicals and meet all Appropriate Sourcing Imperatives as determined by the ILFI. GreenGirt required no changes to its formulation or material components, because it was designed to be free of harmful ingredients.

Referred to as a “nutrition label” for building products, Declare Labels list all of the materials found in a given product, as well as its assembly site, life expectancy, and other key details to facilitate informed decisions toward positive human and environmental health. The Declare program aims to give people and businesses greater power when deciding what products to surround themselves within their home or office.

GreenGirt Red List Free

Red List Free

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List represents the “worst in class“ materials and chemicals known to pose health risks to humans and the environment.

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) is working toward phasing these materials out of the building materials industry due to human and environmental health concerns, with programs such as the Declare Label, which offers 100% transparency of building material elements.

GreenGirt® CMH is Red List Free.

USGBC Member

U.S. Green Building Council

The vision of USGBC is that buildings and communities will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within a generation. The USGBC mission is to transform how buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life. USGBC is committed to transforming the built environment through LEED, the world’s most preeminent green building system.

Examining successful LEED-certified projects provides valuable insights into the practical application of sustainable building practices. Advanced Architectural Products’ GreenGirt composite metal hybrid sub-framing and SMARTci continuous insulation systems have been involved in countless commercial projects that achieved LEED certification.

RAiNA Founding Member Logo

RAiNA Member

The Rainscreen Association of North America (RAiNA) is dedicated to providing education to the public about performance-driven rain-screen assemblies that contribute to more durable, resilient, healthy, energy-efficient, and safe buildings. Rainscreens are effective at managing moisture and provide exceptional opportunities for energy-efficient performance via continuous insulation and reducing thermal bridging.”

Advanced Architectural Products has been a founding member of RAiNA since 2019.

Climate Action Museum Logo

Climate Action Museum

The mission of the Climate Action Museum is to activate a tipping point on climate mitigation through education, stimulating critical thought, and to inspire and facilitate direct action. A visit to the Climate Action Museum will become a memorable and life-altering “climate rite of passage” by providing dynamic education and inspiration.

Advanced Architectural Products is a founding sponsor of the Climate Action Museum.

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