SMARTci Projects – Mineral Wool Insulation

Xilinx Building 3
San Jose, CA

Category: Commercial

Size: 39,000 SF

System:1 in 1

Girt Size | Orientation | OC: 3.5” | V | 16/24”

Insulation Type: Mineral Wool

Cladding: Fiber Cement

Substrate: Concrete Panels

Architect: Noll & Tam Architects

Contractor: B.T. Mancini Co.

Installer: B.T. Mancini Co.

Project Description

Silicon Valley is known for embracing innovation, and the Xilinx Headquarters Building 3 renovation showcases just that. With the help of Advanced Architectural Products SMARTci 1 in 1 continuous insulation system, Noll & Tam Architects beautifully transformed the previously jam-packed office into a dynamic, high-performance, energy-efficient workspace. A contemporary, leading-edge design, paired with thermal efficiency, has set the tone for future growth and sustainability on the Silicon Valley campus.

Eliminating the thermal bridge was a key factor in achieving a high-performance, energy-efficient Xilinx Headquarters Building 3. A thermally broken material was necessary to prevent energy loss within the building envelope. When metal connects exterior components of a building directly to the structural framing, a thermal bridge forms. When a thermal bridge occurs, energy can travel through the building envelope. Engineered as a thermal break, the SMARTci 1 in 1 continuous insulation system does not use through-metal fasteners, offering the best practice, sustainable solution for the building project.

Situated between the framing studs of the building and the exterior cladding, the SMARTci GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) z-girt sub-framing creates a roadblock for thermal energy by preventing it from either entering or escaping through the building envelope. GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) material paired with the use of zero thermal short-fasteners is what offers the thermal break. The GreenGirt CMH material saves on heating and cooling costs, aiding in the overall thermal performance and efficiency of the building.

Not only does the SMARTci 1 in 1 system increase energy efficiency, but it can also reduce possible moisture damage. When thermal energy can pass through a building envelope, moisture can as well. Condensation will form at the point in which cold and hot air meet. If moisture has a way to pass through the building envelope, the lifespan of the building can decrease. Moisture damage also often occurs far before you can visibly see any damage on the exterior or interior of the building. Prevent moisture-related damage before it happens and create a sustainably healthy building by using the best practice SMARTci 1 in 1 continuous insulation system.

Visit the Archinect website to learn more about the Xilinx Headquarters Building 3 project.
Visit the SMARTci website to learn more about the SMARTci 1 in 1 continuous insulation system and the energy efficient properties of the GreenGirt CMH z-girt sub-framing.

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