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What is GreenGirt CMH insulated framing?

GreenGirt CMH insulated sub-framing is a component of SMARTci continuous insulation systems. GreenGirt (CMH) is made of a composite metal hybrid (CMH) material which merges the thermal properties of composite with the structural strength of steel. GreenGirt CMH joins the building cladding and insulation to the building structure.

What is the difference between FRP and CMH?

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials are, in general, orthotropic, meaning that their engineering properties are different in each of the three space directions (x, y, z). Adding to the complexity of FRP is the fact that it can be customized using different resins, fibers, fillers, colors, pigments, and proportions. FRP design is dependent on manufacturer recommendations, which can vary tremendously as different approaches and design methods are adopted.

FRP materials are corrosion-resistant but have low structural strength and fire resistance. However, due to its material components, FRP can be thermally efficient.

Composite metal hybrid (CMH) material merges the advantages of both steel and FRP. CMH sub-framing uses a continuous metal insert located in the FRP flange of the cross-linked thermoset Greengirt Z-profile. The steel insert provides high-performance fastener retention and pull-out strength. In addition, CMH takes advantage of the thermal efficiency of FRP as the Z-profile material component.

What is SMARTci?

SMARTci systems were created with one goal in mind: to make a more energy-efficient building. SMARTci was specially designed to eliminate thermal gaps that other systems neglect. SMARTci systems are customizable to meet your project’s specific needs. SMARTci systems can consist of structural GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) thermally insulated sub-framing, insulation material (spray foam, mineral wool, rigid or semi-rigid), FRP splines, and any additional weather-resistive barrier (WRB) accessories, such as tape, caulk, and expandable sealant.

Do SMARTci systems eliminate thermal bridging?

Yes. SMARTci systems eliminate thermal bridging by removing the use of through-metal or through-insulation fasteners. The Z-profile of the GreenGirt CMH sub-framing creates a thermal break between the cladding and substrate materials. The complete SMARTci system yields the highest R-values at 92-98% thermally efficient continuous insulation solution.

What cladding is compatible with SMARTci systems?

SMARTci systems and GreenGirt CMH sub-framing are compatible with all cladding types, including but not limited to metal, wood, brick, stone, aluminum, terra cotta, and stucco.

Does GreenGirt have fire testing?

Yes. GreenGirt CMH is ASTM E84 tested and NFPA 285 compliant. The ASTM E84 standard test method assesses the surface burning characteristics to see how a material might contribute to flame spread in case of a fire. NFPA 285 is a standard test published by the National Fire Protection Association for assessing the fire propagation characteristics of wall assembly components. GreenGirt CMH is also bromine and halogen free.

Do SMARTci systems take longer to install than other continuous insulation systems?

No. SMARTci continuous insulation systems can be up to 4X faster to install than other continuous insulation systems and standard construction methods.

Does A2P offer design/engineering assistance?

A2P does an internal engineering and application review on EVERY project that uses GreenGirt or SMARTci systems. We can also help with any design questions earlier in the project’s life. Shop drawings, stamped calculations, and stamped shop drawings are also available.

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