SMARTci Projects – Mineral Wool Insulation

Roux Center for the Environment
Brunswick, ME

Category: Education

Size: 17,400 SF

System: 1 in 1

Girt Size | Orientation | OC: 4” | V | 16”

Insulation Type: Mineral Wool

Cladding: Wood Siding

Substrate: Metal Studs

Architect: CambridgeSeven

Contractor: Warren Construction

Installer: Warren Construction

Project Description:

An academic leader in environmental sciences, Bowdoin College (located in Brunswick, Maine) had a specific goal in mind when building their new Roux Center for the Environment building. Upholding the school’s vision and values of health and energy-saving efforts, the new Roux Center envelops the school’s belief that foundational sustainability begins within. The Roux Center achieved Bowdoin College’s goal of sustainability within the new own academic buildings.

Cambridge Seven Associates, the architects of the Roux Center for the Environment, incorporated the GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) z-girt sub-framing into the structure to house continuous insulation. In the pursuit of sustainability, the SMARTci 1 in 1 system and GreenGirt CMH sub-framing allows the Roux Center to operate at a very high level of energy efficiency.

Proven and thoroughly tested, the SMARTci GreenGirt z-girt sub-framing system consists of an insulated structural composite metal hybrid (CMH) material that is specifically engineered for thermal and structural properties. The GreenGirt sub-framing utilizes a metal fastener retention strip, allowing industry standard fasteners to tie into adjacent framing to create cantilevered compatibility and distributing loading throughout the composite section.

By eliminating the need for through-fasteners, the GreenGirt sub-framing removes the opportunity for thermal energy to escape through the building envelope. In doing so, cold or heat spots that have the potential to cause moisture damage are prevented. In the end, allowing the Roux Center to operate as thermally efficient as possible.

Another unique feature of the GreenGirt sub-framing, is its universal cladding attachment options. The versatility of the sub-framing enabled CambridgeSeven to simultaneously reduce thermal energy loss and structurally support the building’s unique poplar sheathing. The Roux Center is the definition of functional aesthetic architecture.

Learn more about the SMARTci 1 in 1 continuous insulation system.

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