SMARTci Projects – Polyiso Insulation

Kalamazoo Mixed-Use
Kalamazoo, MI

Category: Residential

Size: 40,000 SF

System: 3 in 1

Girt Size | Orientation | OC:  2.5” | H | 24”

Insulation Type: Polyiso

Cladding: Masonry, Stone, & Panels

Substrate: Open Framing Metal Studs

Architect: Byce & Associates, Inc.

Contractor: Cornerstone Construction Management, Inc.

Installer: Cornerstone Construction Management, Inc.

Project Description:

Architects, Byce & Associates, were given the task to create an off-campus student housing, mixed-use residential building near Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Like all new building projects, there were several issues faced by architects, Byce & Associates and contractors, Cornerstone Construction Management. Budget constraints and potential design changes forced the contractors to look at systems that could resolve these very real challenges.

When a value-driven redesign occurred, and the project was moved to cold-weather, winter construction, the team knew that the spray foam insulation would no longer be an option. They needed a way to dry in the building, make up lost time, and meet the latest, most progressive building codes.

“Over the years, I have seen a number of building products come to market claiming to revolutionize the construction industry with varying degrees of effectiveness. Once we examined the wide range of attributes and realized the implications of the SMARTci System, we were convinced that this product was a major step forward in building envelope technology.” – Michael, V.P. Architect at Byce & Associates, Inc.

Advanced Architectural Products (A2P) was able to solve these challenges and provided an efficient, cost-effective, and code-compliant continuous insulation solution with our SMARTci 3 in 1 System. With no weather-dependent installation restrictions, the combination of GreenGirt Z-girt sub-framing and pre-cut, profiled polyiso insulation panels easily replaced the previously planned spray foam insulation. The system helped the team regain critical lost time in the project schedule. The all-in-one system eliminated several trades on the job, saving on labor and decreasing critical project timeline delays. These valuable additions acted as a contingency for the construction manager, where previously there was none.

“The SMARTci product dried in the interior of the building quicker, and in the middle of Michigan winter! The system allowed me to run my portable heater at half the power, with no condensation on the walls, and the real-time thermals proved it was sealed. My other trades were able to move along without waiting, speeding up the entire project timeline. The SMARTci System was very cost effective.” – Greg, Construction Manager, Cornerstone Construction Management

The versatility of the SMARTci System allowed masonry ties to fasten directly to the GreenGirt Z-girt sub-framing, saving 1-2 passes around the building. Multiple types of cladding and fasteners were attached to the structural substrate with no added furring. Interior wall condensation was eliminated along with the need to wait for drying before closing and finishing the interior.

Learn more about the SMARTci 3 in 1 continuous insulation system.

Photo by Byce & Associates

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