CMH™ Sub-Framing

GreenGirt® composite metal hybrid (CMH™) sub-framing joins the building cladding and insulation to a building structure. It’s an insulated composite sub-framing component inside the SMARTci assembly. GreenGirt CMH is revolutionary in the way it eliminates the problem of thermal bridging and it boasts the highest thermal-efficiency rating in the industry between 92%-98%. GreenGirt CMH is a recyclable building life product that will help with LEED certification.

GreenGirt® CMH™
Configuration Options

GreenGirt® / SMARTci™ 1 in 1 System
Insulation Type

Mineral wool, spray foam

System includes




GreenGirt® Sizes

1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″, 5.5″, 6″, 8″

Insulation Thickness

1″ – 8″

GreenGirt® Orient


Secondary Framing

Metal girt
Cladding rails

Types of Cladding


Drainage Plane Location

Behind the SMARTci Insulation

System Components

  • 3 Basic Pieces to the System
  • 33 Specific Engineered Qualities
  • Zero Thermal Short Fasteners
  • Universal Cladding Attachments
  • Cost Effective
  • Open and Closed Framing Application
  • Zero Cold Spots for Condensation
  • Fewer Parts for Quick Installation
  • Installed Over Multiple Surfaces
  • The SMARTci System of products have tested and approved ASTM E84 Class A ratings, UL94 V0 and is compliant with NFPA 285 requirements.

How It Works

GreenGirt CMH is a composite metal hybrid sub-framing system to house the CI (continuous insulation) specified and provide a universal cladding attachment support – ensuring zero thermal bridging. It can be used on any substrate or cladding, and can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

GreenGirt’s design features innovative ‘splines’ that provide multiple solutions. These splines act as sub-furring to house any insulation, as well as a universal attachment design for virtually any cladding.

GreenGirt’s design features innovative and dynamic multiple attachment solutions, along with thermal efficiencies of 92%-98%. It yields the highest R-Values with the lowest amounts of insulation of any system on the market. It has been tested and approved for ASTM E84 Class A, UL94 V0, and is NFPA 285 compliant.

System Benefits

  • ASHRAE 90.1 Zone specific barrier location • ASHRAE 160 specific design – passes and exceeds zone specific requirements
  • 3 basic pieces to the GreenGirt – Simple Z
  • Insulated structural composite material – specifically engineered for thermal and structural properties
  • Structural wind resistance greater than 40 pounds per square foot is possible
  • Retains the insulation in the field – no fasteners, no blow offs
  • Anti-siphon groove – eliminates water migration into seam/ both sides
  • Steel fastener retention strip – utilizes industry standard fasteners that tie into adjacent attachment members to create cantilevered compatibility with integrated exterior metal fastening grid that is thermally isolated and increase performance by distributing the loading throughout the composite section
  • Force distribution zones FEA designed for optimal strength (radii & variable thickness)
  • Can be used on multiple substrates
  • Can be used with virtually any insulation and thicknesses
  • Universal attachments design for any cladding type
  • Proven and thoroughly tested (400+ tests and simulations)
  • True Single Pass Insulation system

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