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Research & Development

research and development
research and development
Advanced Architectural Products is an industry-leader in research & development of high-performance composite metal hybrid (CMH) building material products.

Advanced Architectural Products (A2P) is home to the most extensive research and development facility in continuous insulation manufacturing. A2P utilizes their state-of-the-art facility, located in Michigan, performing various tests conducted by their in-house team of researchers and engineers.

Our Approach

As an industry-leading engineering company, Advanced Architectural Products develops and manufactures best practice high-performance continuous insulation solutions to help make a difference in the world. Utilizing the Agile³™ product development philosophy, A2P’s team of engineers has a proactive approach with ongoing research and testing. This allows A2P to ensure best practices are followed and to stay ahead of industry regulations and guidelines.

Advanced Architectural Products is a thought leader dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience with others in the construction industry. We believe that education can help improve the quality of buildings. In addition, our extensive testing capabilities allow us to provide accurate and true information about the performance of various products and systems.

A2P is committed to excellence, and with engineering, innovation, and education, we can positively impact the world around us.

Testing Capabilities

The A2P team customizes testing to meet and exceed industry best practices and specific application requirements. Therefore, this extensive testing experience allows A2P to offer the highest quality and best practice continuous insulation products while
preventing manufacturing defects. Ultimately, these testing capabilities can eliminate potential failures and allow for continuous improvement and growth before being installed in the field.

A2P develops exceptionally great construction products by using three interlocking product development philosophies called Agile³™. The Agile³™ philosophy includes 1) exponentially great product benefits, 2) best practices – the new product or product class must be manufactured, installed, and perform with established industry guidelines, and 3) Agile development – for three main groups (Architects, Building Professionals, and Building Stakeholders).

We can’t develop or introduce world changing product categories without implementing these philosophies. Nor can the Agile³™ process work without integrated world class laboratories and research and development facilities.

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