SMARTci Projects – Polyiso Insulation

Cauley Ferrari
West Bloomfield, MI

Category: Commercial

Size: 11,600 SF

System: 3 in 1

Girt Size | Orientation | OC: 2.5” | H/V | 24”

Insulation Type: Polyiso

Cladding: ACM

Substrate: Metal Studs

Architect: inFORM Studio

Contractor: DCC Construction

Installer: Wolverine

Project Description

Cauley Ferrari of Detroit, a dealership of the world-renowned luxury automotive company, demonstrated the brand’s principle of meticulous craftsmanship in its new 40,000 sq/ft addition. The state-of-the-art Michigan-based Ferrari dealership features its sleek and polished signature image. Completed in 2018, the expanded Ferrari dealership building is more than triple its original size, offering more indoor inventory storage space for its two-story showroom, enhancing the car-buying experience.

Architects, inFORM Studio, along-side Fortebis Group, an Italian firm that handles all Ferrari dealership remodels, achieved the dealership’s vision by incorporating the industry’s best practice materials for the project. By utilizing a SMARTci 3 in 1 continuous insulation system within the structural envelope, inFORM Studio and Fortebis Group were able to produce a high performing energy efficient building for the Detroit Ferrari dealership.

The SMARTci 3 in 1 continuous insulation system provides a complete weather resistive barrier (WRB) to air and water vapor. The 3 in 1 system contains a variety of components. These components include composite metal hybrid (CMH) GreenGirt z-girt sub-framing paired with custom-profiled dual foil-faced polyisocyanurate (polyiso) rigid board insulation panels. To achieve a complete WRB, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) splines, tape, caulk, and expanding foam sealant were also used throughout the installation process.

The SMARTci 3 in 1 is the commercial building industries best practice solution for top-of-the-line thermal energy efficiency in a complete continuous insulation system.

Learn more about the SMARTci 3 in 1 continuous insulation system.

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