There are various reasons why SMARTci Systems are a better option than traditional methods or continuous insulation (CI). Learn what they are and how they can benefit you as an architect or contractor, as well as your client. The Holes in Other CI Systems We’ve all been outside on a freezing cold day and zipped...

When asking the question, what is continuous insulation, consider wrapping yourself in a blanket. The blanket creates a continuous barrier around you that prevents the thermal energy created by your body from flowing directly out into the atmosphere. Continuous insulation, also known as CI, performs the same function for buildings. A CI system is designed...

In the commercial building industry, Z-girts have been used for centuries. Applications include providing lateral support, resisting wind and dead loads, and connecting structural framing to cladding. Due to the increased concern for thermal efficiency along with advancements in technology and design, we have seen several changes to the materials used in Z-shaped girts. In...

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