NewsA2P1003: A2P Opens West Coast Distribution Center

September 21, 2020

Advanced Architectural Products (A2P), has expanded its west coast distribution network with a new northwest warehouse and distribution center located near Seattle, Washington. A2P is the manufacturer of GreenGirt, a patented composite metal hybrid (CMH™) Z-girt and SMARTci Systems that provides best practice continuous insulation solutions.

The pressure has significantly grown to deliver products faster as well as economic solutions. Pressure has grown on the supply chain to deliver faster and more economic solutions. The new west coast distribution center will allow A2P to deliver product faster to its customers on the west coast.

“We have experienced significant growth in the western states and to better service the building community, we established our first distribution center outside of Michigan. The remarkable success of our GreenGirt and SMARTci products required A2P to deliver faster to the growing demand out west.” – Matt Krause, CEO and President, A2P

Advanced Architectural Products opens West Coast Distribution

Advanced Architectural Products West Coast distribution center, located outside of Seattle, Washington.

GreenGirt and SMARTci Systems are engineered for utilized on a variety of projects including airports, office buildings, hospitals, municipal and transportation centers, hotels, and more. The new facility stocks the patented GreenGirt. Sizes ranging from 1.5″ up to 8″, for efficient delivery to meet the demands of project scheduling that contractors often face.

The new distribution center is especially helpful to the many active projects in the western states that need additional GreenGirt. Contractors, on occasion, need more GreenGirt shipped when they have a shortage and need additional material to complete a project. Previously, the additional materials had to ship from Michigan. Now, those same contractors can have their GreenGirt delivered in real time.

Advanced Architectural Products opens West Coast Distribution

GreenGirt sFRP composite sub-framing z-girts are available in sizes ranging from 1.5” to 8”.


Benefits of Warehousing and Distribution

Integrating warehousing and distribution services for A2P customers offer significant benefits, including:

  • Real time availability of products
  • Variety of GreenGirt sizes available, ranging from 1.5” – 8”
  • Transportation savings
  • Small quantities for add-on orders
  • Ability to stay on schedule for projects
  • Expertise in local and West Coast logistics

Click here to learn more about Advanced Architectural Products SMARTci and GreenGirt systems.


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