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The difference between GreenGirt® Max and GreenGirt® Optima

Two amazing choices – GreenGirt CMH Max maximized for strength, durability, and thermal efficiency; and GreenGirt CMH Optima optimized to your project’s specific architectural and structural requirements.

GreenGirt® Max and GreenGirt® Optima

GreenGirt Max and GreenGirt Optima are both composite metal hybrid (CMH) Z-girts designed for use on the GreenGirt continuous insulation and SMARTci building enclosure systems. GreenGirt Max is the premier model, engineered for maximum strength, durability, and thermal efficiency; whereas GreenGirt Optima provides an optimized engineered solution to achieve the specific architectural and structural requirements of each project.

GreenGirt Z-Girt
GreenGirt CMH Z-girt
GreenGirt Max Z-Girt side profile
GreenGirt Max

Maximized structural composite metal hybrid sub-framing 

GreenGirt® Max CMH™ is the ultimate continuous insulation system in the market. Leveraging best-practice engineering, testing, and the highest quality standards in the industry, you can confidently approach the most demanding projects with ease. GreenGirt Max utilizes the best properties of steel, glass, and polymers to provide a product that is as strong and durable as steel with the highest thermal efficiency. GreenGirt Max is the same high-performing CMH Z-girt as the classic GreenGirt.

GreenGirt Optima Z-Girt
GreenGirt CMH Optima Z-girt - Smooth
GreenGirt Optima Z-Girt side profile
GreenGirt Optima

Optimized structural composite metal hybrid sub-framing

GreenGirt® Optima CMH™ is a fully optimized continuous insulation system utilizing a best practice composite metal hybrid material. By utilizing the properties of both steel and fiber-reinforced polymers, GreenGirt Optima has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios on the market. GreenGirt Optima’s fastener pullout capacity is also greater than the pullout capacity of 16-gauge steel and its high performance continues at all service temperatures.

System Selector

Find which compatible systems are available as GreenGirt® Max CMH™ and as GreenGirt® Optima CMH™ to meet your building’s structural and thermal requirements.

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