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Systems Comparisons

Deciding on a continuous insulation or building enclosure system can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the comparisons below to see how GreenGirt CMH and SMARTci systems stack up against other available systems. Additionally, access the comprehensive technical resources and systems-specific comparisons for further detailed information.

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Comparison Charts

SMARTciGreenGirt CMHSteel Z-Girt (16-gauge)Perforated Thermal Metal Z-GirtFRP Z-Girt
Fire tests compliance with NFPA 285 and ASTM E84
Permanent fastener retention
Free of halogen, bromine, and any Red-List materials
Eliminates both material and fastener creep
Each order includes finite element analysis and expert engineering review/support
Highest thermal efficiency available on the market
Installs twice as fast with stack-and-go installation process
Eliminates the need for insulation retention fasteners
Eliminates gaps, cracks, and thermal bypass – product design, installer and insulation manufacturer gaps fixed
Air- and water-tight without the use of caulk or tape
Highest true R-value per inch of wall system

Download the Comprehensive Continuous Insulation Z-girt Comparison Chart

Additional Systems-Specific Comparisons

Looking for additional details, technical resources, and comparisons? The Advanced Architectural Products team has compiled several systems-specific comparisons for various types of continuous insulation and building enclosure systems. Access these resources for comprehensive details and technical insights:

Comparison Chart #2:

Comparison Chart #3:
Adjustable Clips

Comparison Chart #4:
Perforated Steel Z-Girts

Comparison Chart #5:
GreenGirt Max CMH vs. GreenGirt Optima CMH

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