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November 2, 2020

About Advanced Architectural Products

Advanced Architectural Products (A2P), headquartered in Allegan, Michigan, is a team of experts in continuous insulation solutions, including trained professionals in engineering, architecture, building and installation, and pultrusion.

Advanced Architectural Products
A2P headquarters located at 959 Industrial Drive in Allegan, Michigan

A2P corporate office operates out of Allegan, Michigan, located at 959 Industrial Drive. Additionally, their manufacturing operates out of Hamilton, Michigan along with a warehouse located outside of Seattle, Washington.

Advanced Architectural Products (A2P)
A2P warehouse outside of Seattle, Washington and manufacturing facility in Hamilton, Michigan

A2P is a founding member of RAiNA, the Rain-screen Association in North America. RAiNA is the recognized authority on rain-screen wall assemblies, working to drive more durable and energy efficient buildings.


History of Advanced Architectural Products

A2P was founded in 2008 by Matt Krause. Since then, A2P has become the market leader in pultruded hybrid plastic and metal composite sub-framing. GreenGirt, SMARTci’s CMH sub-framing product has been installed in buildings across North America for multiple industries, including:

Airports Government Military
Commercial Healthcare Mixed Use
Education — Colleges & Universities Hospitality Science
Education — K-12 Hospitals Stadiums

A 2019 Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company and 2020 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company award winner, A2P leads the composite sub-framing industry with their SMARTci continuous insulation systems and GreenGirt CMH sub-framing girts, clips and adjustable brackets, for structural exterior envelopes.



As a leading innovator in the continuous insulation space, A2P combines steel and fiberglass reinforced polymer to make their GreenGirt product line. GreenGirt is a hybrid composite and metal system, producing an sFRP z girt composite sub-framing system that joins the building cladding and insulation to the building structure.


SMARTci Systems

A2P’s SMARTci continuous insulation systems build off of the GreenGirt composite sub-framing system, as innovative, simple and complete continuous insulation systems designed to eliminate thermal gaps that other systems neglect. Unlike any other continuous insulation system available, the SMARTci systems achieve industry leading thermal efficiencies of up to 98%.

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