Thursday | June 13, 2024


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

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About the RDH Building Sciences Co-Hosted Webinar

Course: Stop Throwing Building Performance Out The Window

Presenter: Dr. John Straube, Principal and Senior Building Science Specialist

Dr. John Straube will discuss the latest changes in energy codes and their impact on calculating effective U- and R- values. The program focuses on identifying and understanding the significance of thermal bridges in building performance, with a focus on the thermal performance of structural supports surrounding windows. Participants will acquire skills in applying thermal bridge calculations to determine these values accurately. Additionally, the course will explore practical solutions to addressing thermal bridging around windows, enhancing building envelope performance, and contributing to occupant health, safety, and welfare.

Learning Objectives 
  1. How energy codes have changed the way effective U- and R-values are calculated.
  2. Identify which thermal bridges have the greatest impact on overall building performance.
  3. To apply thermal bridge calculations to determine effective U- and R-values.
  4. Identify solutions for thermal bridging to benefit the performance of windows and building envelopes while contributing to participants’ health, safety, and welfare.

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