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Best practice: durability in construction

Explore proven strategies to boost durability and ensure the longevity of construction projects with continuous insulation and building enclosure systems.


Durability is a fundamental attribute of continuous insulation and building enclosure systems, emphasizing the capacity of these systems to withstand various environmental, mechanical, and thermal stresses over time. Ensuring durability is essential for the longevity and performance of buildings, protecting them against degradation and failure. It plays a critical role in reducing maintenance costs, enhancing safety, and preserving the structural integrity and aesthetic value of the building. By focusing on best practices for durability, construction professionals can create robust structures that remain effective and efficient, facing minimal deterioration through years of service. This commitment to durability is vital for sustainable building practices and achieving lasting building quality.


Impact resistance per ASTM D256

Continuous insulation and building enclosure systems should adhere to the ASTM D256 standards for impact resistance, ensuring they can withstand significant external forces and maintain structural integrity.

Creep resistance (fastener creep)

It is essential that your continuous insulation and building enclosure systems exhibit minimal fastener creep, safeguarding against structural deformities over time due to continuous stress.

Minimal fatigue

Systems must be designed to endure minimal material fatigue, enhancing their lifespan and ensuring they remain functional and stable under repetitive stress.

Accelerated age testing

Systems utilized in your projects should undergo accelerated age testing to assess their resilience against prolonged environmental exposures, ensuring their durability and functionality over time.

Engineered high safety factor

Choose continuous insulation and building enclosure systems that are engineered with a high safety facotr, providing enhanced security and reliability to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of modern construction.

How GreenGirt CMH and SMARTci Systems Meet and Exceed Durability Standards

GreenGirt CMH and SMARTci systems excel in durability, surpassing continuous insulation and building enclosure standards, including ASTM D256 for impact resistance. These systems withstand significant external forces, maintain structural integrity, and minimize fastener creep to prevent deformities under stress. Designed to resist material fatigue, they prolong lifespan and functionality with minimal wear from repeated stress. Through accelerated aging tests, these systems show strong resilience against environmental exposure, providing high safety and reliability, and setting industry benchmarks for durability.