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Building enclosure system that eliminates thermal bypass – guaranteed!

“For a given thickness of insulation, a 7.5 mm gap could result in a 203% increase in heat loss; a 15mm gap could be a 520% increase.” – L. Alter

Badly installed insulation can be close to worthless

Thermal bypass airflow

SMARTci building enclosure system

SMARTci is an air- and water-tight building enclosure system comprised of GreenGirt CMH sub-framing, integrated insulation panels, and necessary accessories. The SMARTci system installs in a single-pass and is 92-98% thermally efficient, eliminates thermal bypass, and provides the highest R-value available – up to 50% higher than competitive systems.

GUARANTEED TO ELIMINATE THERMAL BYPASS – With its innovative design and meticulous manufacturing, SMARTci is a building enclosure system guaranteed to eliminate thermal bypass. SMARTci features thermally broken Z-girts made from a composite metal hybrid material that prevents thermal bridging and reduces energy loss through the building’s structural elements. Additionally, SMARTci incorporates high-performance insulation panels and components that are precisely engineered to compression seal along every axis, effectively sealing off any gaps, cracks, and voids to ensure there is no thermal bypass. SMARTci is leading the industry toward more sustainable and environmentally responsible building enclosures with R-values that are 50% higher than competitive systems.

What is guaranteed in SMARTci?

  • Zero design flaws that allow thermal bypass

  • Zero design flaws that produce gaps or cracks resulting in thermal bypass

  • Zero material tolerance issues that cause thermal bypasses

  • Zero need for field remediation of insulation panels

  • Real-life thermal performance as per stated R-value

  • Hassle-free installation

Thermal bypass definition:

The unintended movement of energy through gaps, cracks, or voids in a building’s wall assembly. The phenomenon often stems from design flaws, material inconsistencies or tolerances, and/or improper installation. The presence of thermal bypasses leads to significant energy losses, reducing the overall efficiency of a building and increasing the costs associated with heating and cooling.


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