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City of Hope Hospital

Duarte, CA
The “City of Hope Hospital” in Duarte, CA, is a 21,000 SF healthcare facility featuring the GreenGirt CMH continuous insulation system. Designed by DAG Architects, this project utilizes mineral wool insulation and aluminum flat plate cladding on metal studs and gypsum. Ehmcke Sheet Metal Corp. served as both the contractor and installer, ensuring a high-quality, durable build for enhanced patient care.
Category Health Care
Size21,000 SF
System GreenGirt CMH Continuous Insulation System
Girt Size / Orientation / OC4" | V | 24" OC
Insulation TypeMineral wool
CladdingAluminum flat plates
SubstrateMetal studs with gypsum
ArchitectDAG Architects
ContractorEhmcke Sheet Metal Corp.
InstallerEhmcke Sheet Metal Corp.