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GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) has passed the ASTM E84 fire test and DOES NOT contain any hazardous chemicals, including Halogen or Bromine.

ASTM E84, or the Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, is a fire test used to measure and compare the surface burning characteristics of different building materials. It measures how quickly flame spreads across the material’s surface, as well as the amount of smoke being generated. The test is conducted in a specifically designed tunnel, with the sample material placed at one end. The tunnel is then exposed to a standardized flame and the spread of flame along the material’s surface, as well as smoke production, are recorded.

The ASTM E84 fire test is an important tool for determining how safely building materials can be used in construction projects or for renovations on existing structures. It is also a useful tool for evaluating the fire safety and hazard protection provided by different types of building materials. These tests can help engineers, designers, and architects select materials that meet their needs for fire safety and smoke production. Depending on the application, some jurisdictions may also require testing to determine whether or not a material meets certain fire-safety standards.

The results of ASTM E84 testing are often used in combination with other factors to determine the fire safety and hazard protection provided by different materials. For instance, the smoke production recorded during an ASTM E84 test may be combined with information from a related test that measures the flame spread index of building materials to determine the total fire-hazard protection provided by the material. The results from ASTM E84 testing can help architects, engineers, designers, and other professionals make informed decisions about which building materials to use for their projects. By ensuring that all materials used are tested for fire safety and hazard protection, designers can help to create safer buildings for the public.

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