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Hygrothermal modeling
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Hygrothermal modeling of building materials is a method of assessing the performance of building materials and systems by predicting how they will react to changes in temperature and humidity. This technique is used to evaluate the behavior of materials in different climates, and the performance of building components in various weather conditions.

Hygrothermal modeling involves the use of physical properties of materials such as thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, and water vapor permeability. The models also include parameters for air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and precipitation. The mathematical models are used to simulate the thermal and humid environment in a building and the impact of various climate scenarios on the performance of the materials and systems.

The hygrothermal models take into account the effects of the materials mass and thermal properties, as well as the influence of air movement and air infiltration. The simulations allow for the evaluation of the effects of different environmental conditions on the performance of building materials and systems, such as the thermal conductivity, water vapor transmission, and water absorption.

Hygrothermal modeling is an important tool in the design and optimization of building materials and systems. By predicting the performance of materials in different climates, the models can help designers and engineers to determine the best materials and designs for their applications. The models are also used to evaluate the energy efficiency of buildings and the impact of climate change on buildings and their occupants.

SMARTci continuous insulation systems with GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) sub-framing, has been evaluated with hygrothermal modeling.

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