No Through-Metal or Through-Fasteners

The Problem: Conventional systems have through-insulation fasteners and through-metal to framing. Fasteners and through-metal to framing contribute to energy loss, thermal bridging, and potential moisture problems.

Thermal Bridging Example

The Solution: GreenGirt CMH has no through-insulation fasteners or through-metal to framing, eliminating thermal bridging and providing zero cold spots for condensation.

Thermal Break | GreenGirt CMH | No Through-Metal

GreenGirt composite metal hybrid (CMH) continuous insulation sub-framing has zero through-metal and zero through-fasteners and provides thermal efficiency levels of 92-98%.

No through-metal or through-fasteners are a key component in continuous insulation subframing for thermal efficiency. The primary purpose of no through-metal is to break thermal bridging, which is the direct transfer of heat between two objects through conduction. In this context, thermal bridging is the transfer of heat through a frame, such as a stud or joist, to the interior of a building. By removing through-metal and through-fasteners, thermal bridging is eliminated, significantly improving the thermal performance of the building.

No through-metal or through-fasteners are typically used in conjunction with continuous insulation (CI) in order to create an effective thermal envelope. CI is a continuous layer of insulation that covers the entire building envelope, from the exterior walls to the roof. When no through-metal is coupled with CI, it creates a thermal bridgefree insulation system that is more effective than traditional insulation systems.

No through-metal or through-fasteners also helps create a tighter, more airtight building envelope. By using no through-metal, air leaks in the building are reduced, which helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building. This also helps to reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling the home or building, as well as reducing the amount of energy consumed.

In summary, no through-metal is a key component of continuous insulation subframing for thermal efficiency. It helps to eliminate thermal bridging, creates a more airtight building envelope, and improves the energy efficiency and health of the building. By using no through-metal or through-fasteners, building owners can reduce their energy costs and improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.

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